List of Free Zones

European Free Zone

Located in a hub of industry (Turkey’s Thrace region), with easy logistics for transport to European markets and access to two major ports (Tekirdag and Ambarli), European Free Zone is among Turkey’s most successful free zones. Its management is passionate about attracting top-flight foreign investors and being on the cutting edge of high-tech and Industry […]

Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone

With ample space and easy access to Turkey’s largest private port terminal, Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone is poised to meet international investors’ demands in heavy industry, petrochemicals and chemicals, among other sectors. Its logistical access to European, Asian, and African markets is exceptional, and investors benefit from competitive land prices and full onsite services.

Kocaeli Free Zone

Kocaeli Free Zone is an 81-acre zone in the northwestern province of Kocaeli, Turkey’s largest manufacturing and export centre. With 20+ companies and 2,000+ employees on-site, it is dedicated primarily but not exclusively to shipbuilding and yacht-building entreprises.

Antalya Free Zone

Antalya Free Zone is one of Turkey’s flagship free zones, as it was among the first three founded and has just signed a new lease extending its existence to 2035. With more than 100 local and international companies present, it has a vibrant yacht-building industry and much more.

Kayseri Free Zone

Kayseri Free Zone is the largest of Turkey’s 19 free zones in terms of space. With 684 hectares of land and a 32% occupancy rate, there is tremendous potential for the growth of a variety of industries.

Mersin Free Zone

Mersin Free Zone, with a diverse industrial base and hundreds of companies ranging from local SMEs to European multinationals, is responsible for roughly 15% of Turkey’s annual $20 billion free zone trade volume. As one of the original flagship free zones of Turkey, and strategically located in the major Mediterranean trade hub of Mersin, it […]

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