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Overview Free Zones (Zonas Francas in Spanish) as a legal concept have existed in Spain for over 150 years. The last couple of decades, however, have seen an unprecedented surge in new areas taking on this form, as municipalities and regional governments recognise them as major instruments for development. Today there are six Free Zones […]


Overview   In 2001, Kazakhstan turned its major capital city, Astana, into a 7,500 hectare Special Economic Zone, introducing city-wide corporate, land, property, and value-added tax exemptions, as well as exemptions on duties for goods imported to and exported from the city. The programme aimed at bringing multisectoral investment to a developing capital, a decade […]


   Overview: Kandla to Odisha Fifty-two years ago, sometime before the terms ‘free-zone’ and ‘special economic zone’ had entered the lingua-franca, the burgeoning industrial state of Kandla opened its seaports to duty free exports; becoming Asia’s first designated duty-free enclave. Despite this early move towards a new model of incentive-based industrial activity, the announcement of […]


  Overview The Kingdom of Jordan has taken an aggressive stance toward developing free trade and special economic zones, looking to the success of Jebel Ali Port and free zone in Dubai, UAE, as a model for economic diversification. The Kingdom currently has seven free zones, of which two are fully operational: flagship Aqaba FTZ […]

United Arab Emirates

Overview The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have had virtually unprecedented success with their free zones programmes, which have attracted high levels of FDI and export-oriented industry and helped the country cement its reputation as a maritime trade and global financial centre. In addition to an exceptionally stable political environment and high investment ratings, the UAE’s […]


Overview   Turkey has three decades of experience utilising free trade zones to meet economic needs such as boosting exports, building bases of local expertise, and providing employment to its young people.  Turkey’s 19 Free Trade Zones, which Mersin Free Zone CEO Edvar Mum describes as “secret locomotives of the Turkish economy,” together access four […]