The Industrial Internet of Things is the next wave in industry, allowing machines to communicate directly with one another and send comprehensive data for up-to-the-moment analysis. These new technologies maximise efficiency and make industrial processes more intelligent for those who use them.  

The Machine Cloud by iFourZero is embedded directly in your equipment’s firmware, allowing it to send extensive performance data to the iFourZero cloud platform.  With a focus on Connectivity, Big Data Storage, Advanced Analytics, and an Integration Phase that allows all machines and computers in an ecosystem to work together, the Machine Cloud saves money and time, boosts efficiency, and allows industrial companies to assess and enhance their performance in intricate detail.


iFourZero experts are ready to work with free zones and industrial companies worldwide to make next-generation computing, manufacturing efficiency, and data analysis a reality for them.


FZW spoke with Ali Tüzmen, Co-Founder and CEO, about the company’s strengths and ambitions.

What is iFourZero’s vision for Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things in manufacturing and industry?

Industry 4.0 is the name given by Germany to the 4th industrial revolution. Each industrial revolution has materialised as the result of the ground-shifting vision and inspiration created by one big innovation: first the steam engine, then electricity, and thirdly the computer. And now the “internet of things” ignites the fourth one…

In addition to a minimum 25% improvement in costs, Industry 4.0 offers a new eco-system of “smart factories” where the whole supply chain is connected: collecting, analysing, processing “big data” and using that data securely throughout the network in “real time”.

Briefly, the industry of the new era will differ in three main points from its predecessors:

  • Data becomes “big data”
  • Analysis of aggregated past data becomes analysis of big data streams in “real time”
  • Closed-circuit operations become “connected”

Accordingly, smart factories will be closer to their customers, faster, and will allow real-time decisions and actions based upon deeper insight on processes; they will enjoy all the benefits of being part of an efficient industrial “ecosystem”, learning and continuously optimising each other’s performance.

How might free zones, industrial zones, and other manufacturing hubs utilise industry 4.0 to increase their efficiency and output?

Industry 4.0 creates an ecosystem which is connected, data-driven, and cooperating in real time. Manufacturing hubs are perfect platforms for the integrations of industrial networks. The management can offer, rent, or sell services and infrastructures in order to facilitate and enable connectivity.

What are the values and qualities that set iFourZero apart?

IFourZero is a technology company based in Vancouver, Canada, developing applications and solutions for Industrial Internet.

Two of its founders have 25+ years of experience in industry, and the third is the creator of one of the most agile platforms in the Internet of Things. We believe that we have brought together a perfect combination of industrial and technological know-how.
This combination of experience and expertise gives us the ability to be extremely precise in understanding the needs of our industrial customers and developing the right solution with the newest technology.