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Our audience includes executives from leading companies in the energy, manufacturing, logistics, financial services, agriculture, tourism, chemicals, medical, pharmaceutical, and legal sectors, among others.


Competition for the right kinds of investment – sustainable, value-adding investment from companies that will participate in the growth of the local economy – is fierce among the world’s free zones, both public and private. Now more than ever, having a clear strategy, building a diversified web presence, and sharing a detailed vision with potential investors is critical for attracting the right kind of attention.

Free Zone Watch is a multimedia web platform bringing together global investors, free zones, free zone-based companies, investment agencies, and business groups around the globe. Our dedicated marketing and editorial staff work closely with free zones and companies to tailor their content and message to their target audience, allowing them to share their unique advantages in video, online articles, graphics, and print publications, in an appealing and actionable way. Free zones can share best practices and learn from each other at Free Zone Watch, and interest observers can track major trends and take action based upon our analysis.