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Banking on BRI: Liberalisation, infrastructure, & growth in China

Free Zone Watch talks with Dr Paul Armstrong-Taylor about key questions facing China’s economy as the country embarks upon on major infrastructure projects, including the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), and financial system liberalisation. How might the Chinese government avoid inappropriate levels of political influence in loans and financing of major infrastructure projects? Inappropriate political influence […]

Analysing Africa’s free zone advances

FZW talks with Mr Claude Baissac about the successes and failures of free zones in Africa, assessing free zone investments, and the future of the model worldwide. To what extent have Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Free Trade Zones (FTZs) in Africa met countries’ policy goals to date? While many African countries were early adopters […]

Spain’s free zone spring

FZW talks to Mr Fernando Cámara del Castillo about the future of Spain’s free zones and the reasons behind their present expansion  What is the importance of the new Santander Free Zone for the region’s economic development? So far, the main contribution is that we already have the concession to create the Free Zone, which […]

INTERVIEW: In-depth on IP & security

FZW talks to Mr Richard Heath, Founder & Managing Director, Richard Heath (IP) Associates Ltd., about upholding intellectual property rights and other concerns facing free zones Why are strong intellectual property protections a major consideration for investors when considering establishing a presence in a free zone? A strong Intellectual Property (IP) Legal Framework is critical […]